Where will ww3 start:
          Between America and China as main opponents?

How close are we to world war 3:
          May be by the fall of 2017?

Who will start world war 3:


Is trump starting a world war 3: yes?

        Who will be the major powers of ww3: America if Russia joins trump, then both and ISIS , china and countries like India will choose to remain calm but if
 they have to choose then India will take side of Russia strongly opposing Chinese leadership.

Trigger for world war 3:

     Trump's ban on immigrants from six countries based on their religion will be the major cause for ww3, as this ban could be extended to countries like Pakistan and all major Islamic countries and also it could be a permanent ban which triggers the anger by these nations

Course of action:

              Trump ordering pentagon to prepare a master battle plan to defeat ISIS in  countries like Seriya and those Islamic groups like ISIS could also be possible planning something fishy and if such plans are backed by any other major nation like china? by providing them with nukes , just to prove their policy of 'world's number one' and also some Islamic countries like Pakistan supporting them . If this is found out be major powers like America and Russia then world war 3 begins officially and its other countries who has to decide their stand,

              While most of the countries support major powers but there could be some Islamic states which hate Putin as well as trump , might support china lead group. But i don't  think china is that foolish to make such a move to support ISIS and oppose great powers, even  though its greed for the position of world number one is the driving force which could be seen from  its recent statements like "we don't want to be world number one but if its inevitable then we are helpless".

How will world war 3 end:
             Obviously there will be a lot of destruction, it is expected that less than half of the worlds population could only survive if such a full fledged world war occurs and its course will come to an end when china gets defeated ( but it wont accept one ) and its supporter ISIS as well as some Islamic states will get damaged badly and also defeated.

    This story is purely based on imagination and we take no responsible for any thing mentioned above and we are not criticizing any nation in our article, read at your own risk.


Now this is a million dollar question among indians about who will be the prisident of INDIA in 2017. As you might have guessed, i have been thinking that Lal Krishna Advani a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party will be the obvious person to be announced  as President but here comes the twist, most of the insiders of BJP are thinking otherwise.?


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Well that being said, L K ADVANI might not be the one , then who is the next potentially capable and eligilible person to be chosen by MODI ahem.. BJP?

I think ARUN JAITLY is the one and there is this discussion of his portfolio of finance is being be assigned to Subramanian Swamy who was then president of Janatha party now merged in BJP.

                   Its ARUN JAITLY or L K ADVANI or may be another ABDUL KALAM, lets wait and see.