The secret trick of selecting profitable stocks which gives you good returns in the near future, which is used by warren buffet himself!!

Where do i start to learn stock market investing?


For that first thing you need is "point of view". That is by looking at a stock you should be able to say whether to buy or sell or hold it.

If you are a beginner for stock trading then i would suggest you go for a technical analysis of the stock you want to purchase, it includes studying the overall health of the company you want to invest in.

Its market capital , p/e ratio, debt, liabilities.

If that's all confusing then i will tell you some simple tricks that will improve your stock picking skills,

Look for the companies which are trading at discount or lower prices due to some bad news which should be temporary, chances are that its price would shoot after some settlement of the issue if its basics are strong. by basics i mean its balance sheet .

so in simpler terms am suggesting you to look for stocks trading at 52-week low , mostly consider stocks which have reached its low recently and try to analyze it and pick the stock if its fundamentals are tempting!!!

Above trick works better for investors not for traders, considers long to mid term (min 2 months) investing to obtain profit from such stocks.

happy investing folks !!

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